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Megan – sitting quietly in the studio.

It must have been about 1989 when I was working on a large portrait commission of an interesting woman.        She had dramatic red hair, set against white skin. – a lovely subject. 

I was painting the portrait in my West Chester, Pennsylvania studio which was quite cavernous and allowed me to have several easels going at the same time.       The woman would come for sittings once a week.

Her fourteen year old daughter, Megan would accompany her…and sit quietly drawing in the studio….and barely said a word.

Upon completion of the Mother’s portrait, using the remaining paint on my palette, I made this rapid oil on canvas sketch of Megan.   It probably took about twenty minutes…


I have no idea where Megan is today or what she is doing, but once again her portrait is a reminder to me of that special moment.   Today she would be in her mid to late thirties….

As always, the hummingbirds were weaving their magic.


A Bientôt