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Special Moments.

Some special moments during the month of May.

First meeting with Ratka Bodgen, poet writer and fellow member of Axlepin Publishing.     Ratka and her husband flew in from the States…on their way to Macedonia….which allows us to meet and have coffee.


Claudia Notalle, a highly regarded actress and director from France…someone I have known for 36 years spent a a week with me.    Always wonderful.


Another friend and fellow artist of long standing, Bonnie Halsey Dutton, spent five days with me  on her way to Orvieto, Italy for a summer school.


Then a big surprise when one of my favourite nephews from California e mailed to say that he and the family would be in London for 48 hours on their way to Scotland…..I have know Dunham since he was six years old…..Our time together was fantastic, and filled with Harry Potter questions and stories:)



Time spent with good friends and family is so very precious.


A Bientôt