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Fifty years ago…….Happy Birthday Jarrod

Fifty years ago, on 10th September my darling son, Jarrod Reed was born…..This post is a tribute to him.

A collage of just a very few moments in Jarod’s life…. 

20-11-15-1-396The story of Jarrod’s birth still makes me smile – and so I will share it here.

On January 28th, 1966 – along with my first husband who was English, I set sail on the United States Liner from Southampton England to New York.    We were planning on a two year visit.      Just out of art college I was twenty years old.

The crossing was one of the roughest on record at that time, and indeed there were many accidents on the ship due to very rough seas.     Although there were several life boat practises….all I wanted to do was die!!!   Oh I was so terribly sick.

Having arrived in New York, (thinking that all would be well once I hit terra firma) we took a Greyhound Bus to Miami Florida, and then we were driven to Key West – our destination…and yes, I was sick the whole way and it felt as if the very land beneath me was rocking and rolling just like the ocean!

So when I was still being sick two months after our arrival on Key West Florida….and remember this was way before any pregnancy tests were available at the local chemist….I was quite shocked to find that I was pregnant….and in hindsight even more amazed that Jarrod had survived such a rough beginning.

With Jarrod  – Ft. Lauderdale – Florida – 1966.


Jarrod was a dear ittle boy….and I might add continues to be a wonderful adult….I am very proud of him.     Among other things, he is a superb musician and chef…..

I am also pleased to note that Jarrod is in a very happy place as he reaches 50.    Nearly three years ago, he reconnected with a childhood friend – (whose mother happens to be an artist friend of mine:) and they are extremely  happy.    Definitely a case  of ‘none of us is every creative enough to know how things will actually work out.…..’      Recent pictures of Jarrod and Kendle together are in the collage.

Love this picture – one of a series taken by my childhood friend, Mick Duff when Jarrod and I were visiting the UK. 


Big brother to Christie – (I never could bake cakes:)


Jarrod – 27 years old 


At thirty – when he visited me in Wales


Jarrod and Kendle today on the horse farm where they live….


Ala prima oil painting  – Jarrod 27 years  – signed Moo Mar – the name Jarrod gave me many years ago……


And so my very gifted, wonderful son….here’s wishing you a fabulous fiftieth  birthday and may you and Kendle enjoy many more together.

Moo Mar…….:)