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Tutorial 14 – Luscious colour

This quick warm up exercise is all about colour…..wonderful, luscious colour:)



Here’s what to do.

Frame 1.

I have Applied some glorious violet to the paper….Note that I have left a white area….and then while the paint is still very wet, I have allowed  some Permanent White Gouache to bleed into the wet paint, which provides a lovely fuzzy edge. 



Frame 2.


I add some strong pigment into the wet violet paint and allowing it to bleed and do its own thing…..Any colours can be used. 



Frame 3. 

I now add some more crimson into the mix. 




Frame 4.

Note that I am using Daniel Smith watercolours for this particular warm up.    They are more expensive, and in this case prove that you get what you pay for…..superb pigments, however any pigments and colours can be used for this exercise…




Frame 5

When I am testing new colours and pigments, I allow myself to PLAY….which unto itself makes for a superb warm up exercise. 



Happy Wednesday and happy painting.

A Bientôt