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dreaming about cats…….


P1140153I love cats.

Recently they have been featuring in my dreams….a lot more than normal……



I watched a segment on the news last evening talking about the huge increase of feral cats in London.     Sadly this goes hand in hand with a rise in the cruelty of animals in the UK…something that was unheard of years ago!     We Brits have always been known as a nation of animal lovers.

Christeve the Cat…will always be with me.    Watercolour


The news segment featured the Celia Hammond Animal Trust (CHAT)      Celia Hammond, who was a super model in the sixties (although that term had yet to be coined) has dedicated her life to the rescue and wellbeing of cats.

Scout – watercolour


Like many others, I have been given a great deal of love from animals, and believe like all living creatures they should receive love and respect.

My studio cats – circa 1990 – Tushy and Mushy – watercolour. 


A Bientôt

The Purple Cat and Friends.

The Purple Cat,  (watercolour) whose name was Tushy, was one of my all time favourite studio cats. 

Sometimes people ask me ‘why a purple cat’ and I always respond with ‘Why not?’


I love animals, especially big and little cats.

They know how to live….When they can find a sun spot, they relax and enjoy it.  (watercolour)


This Pink Cat, is dreaming of beautiful hummingbirds:)  (watercolour and black felt tip pen)


Speaking of which….may the Magical Hummingbirds be with you today. 


A Bientôt