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This month is Biba’s 50th anniversary…..

My friend Maureen is arriving from Dorset today.   She and I went to art college together in the early sixties and shared a flat in Kensington, London in 1964.    Maureen was my bridesmaid at my first wedding in London. 

This photograph was taken of us in front of the Commonwealth Institute in Kensington, in 1964.   Oh what a different and exciting time it was. 


1964 was the year that the Biba boutique first opened its doors on Abingdon Road, Kensington….which means that this year is Biba’s 50th anniversary.   It all seems like yesterday to me…

To commemorate this, here are some images from that time.    

It was a time of radical change.  

Biba Salesgirl 

The fifties had been all about women looking a certain way.    I can remember my Mother wearing different length dresses for different occasions – even white gloves….hats, etc.    Hair styles were much more set.  

It was Vidal Sassoon who brought a looser more contemporary look to women’s hair.


What’s fascinating to me is that those styles from the early sixties are still very much in evidence today. 

It’s interesting to remember that in 1964, there were no mobile phones, computers, iPods, seat belts in cars, etc. etc.….as I say, it was a very different world. 

biba boutique

Maureen and I will have much to talk about and I am sure will re visit some old haunts.    

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend….

and of course, here is Magical Hummingbird. 




A Bientôt

68 years young. (1)

Many of these photographs are not the best quality.  They were taken a long time ago:).


My Mother, me in the stroller and my built in playmate, Colin who is my Uncle!    Yes my paternal grandmother was pregnant one year before I was born!      This was taken in Richmond Park, not too far from where I was born and where I live now.

til August 10 143

I was about 5 in this picture with my Mother.


On my Lambretta scooter in London during the early sixties.    I was reunited with Maureen through FB just two years ago.


Having married in London, 1965 – my first husband and I travelled to the USA on The United States Liner to visit for two years!     We went to Key West Florida and then after I found out I was pregnant, to Ft Lauderdale where my son Jarrod was born on Sept 10 1966.

In this picture, I am 7 months pregnant.


After Jarrod was born we moved to Staten Island, New York.   Jarrod’s birthday party in the garden of the little cottage we rented.


My first husband left, which meant that I was a single mother in New York.   Very long story short, I got a job working on a trading desk for the investment banking firm, White, Weld & Co.      I became  registered representative with the New York Stock Exchange.       The equipment you see on the trading desk was state of the art at that time.


Through White, Weld, I met my second husband.      In 1973′ I returned to making art, and in 1975 my daughter Christie was born.       This is one of my favourite family photographs, taken on Long Lake, Maine, USA.


To be continues in.  68 years young (2)

A Bientot