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The influence of Henry Moore.

til August 10 432

Walking though the different galleries at Tate Britain last Friday we came across the work of one of my favourite British artists, Henry Moore.     An artist whose work has influenced me.

So much strength, gentleness and emotion captured in this large bronze of  The Family. 


From early childhood when I first saw the work of Henry Moore,  I have been drawn to its simplicity of form and how within that form a myriad of emotions are evident.


I painted this large oil on canvas in 1984.    This painting and the subsequent series were Influenced by Isle au Haut an island in the Penobscot Bay, Maine part of Arcadia National Park, and Henry Moore’s sculpture.

I saw within the boulders and rocks on Isle au Haut the human form.   It felt as if I was surrounded by Henry Moore’s work.   

til August 10 432


My series of work which began in 1984 on Isle au Haut is still in progress.   Over the years it has evolved.

This large watercolour/gouache was inspired by a tragic photograph I saw of a Mother and child who had been killed as innocent victims of the Mexican drug war.

I painted this to restore the Mother and Child’s dignity.   The swan symbolises transformation and the hummingbird guides them from this world to the next.




A Magical Hummingbird for today.





A Bientôt