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A walk around London

To get into central London from where I live is very easy.    I walk to the local train station (4 minutes) and then go direct to London Waterloo.   From there, I can walk to just about everything including museums, galleries, etc.

Last week was half term in the UK, which meant that everything seemed a little quieter than usual, and so it was when Claudia and I spent the day in central London.

This was one of those lucky moments when I photographed Claudia in font of this group of men in bowler hats and umbrellas preparing to be ‘information’ people in and around London.Image

Claudia standing In Trafalgar Square in front of the National Gallery.   



From Trafalgar Square, we walked to Covent Garden and then along the Strand to the City and St. Paul’s Cathedral.   The actual City of London is only one square mile.      When going there, it is key to explore behind the buildings into the ancient squares and alley ways that make up this centre of commerce.

We went into St. Paul’s Cathedral where I took this photograph, and as you can see the man heading towards me to say….’no photographs please’!   I always forget.

As a very young child, I remember vividly going up to the Whispering Gallery, and being too frightened to come down the windy narrow stairs.   I think Health and Safely has prevented people from enjoying this today!.


After leaving St. Paul’s we walked across the Millennium Bridge which connects the City with South Bank.

Leaving St. Paul’s and the City behind.


Half way across, I took this photograph of Tower Bridge.   London is full of new construction, and it’s fair to say that the skyline is totally different today from when I was a child.     I was born in London and so have known it all of my life.



Here we see the Globe Theatre, where you can enjoy Shakespear’s plays in an authentic setting. 


At the South Bank end of the Millennium Bridge, we find Tate Modern, and this walkway which takes us from the Bridge onto South Bank.    I love the constant mix of old and new, and in this case the way the walkway seems to hang in the air over the river.


Now on South Bank, with the City behind us we see more clearly the old and the new.



The Shard. – I believe the tallest building in London today….


As we walked along South Bank the sun began to shine…   There is of course so much more.    Each small area of london, as is the case with many cities, has so many hidden surprises….not just the main attractions.


A Bientôt