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Following life’s Clues…..

I am off to Saorge, France for a few days….


When I was with friends in Wales this past summer, we talked about my wish to find Marmite Heaven – (will write more about MH in a later post).     My friends have been renting a house in Saorge, France for the past year and suggested that I visit before their rental finished, as it might be a place where I would enjoy sketching/painting and possibly more….we will see.   As the title of this post indicates….I am following life’s clues…..


I will fly to Nice, where I will be met by my friend Gareth.    We will then drive up into the mountains to Saorge, which sits on the border off Italy and France – two of my favourite countries.


I have already scheduled a workshop in London this November, where I will be using images of Saorge as the ‘jumping off point’ for paintings…..and so am hoping to return next week with lots of information and images – both sketches and photographs – to share here.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a double dose of magic with this new ‘painted elephant plus magical hummingbirds’       It is already adorning products at http://www.zazzle.com/janet+weight+reed+gifts


A Bientôt.