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The Rising Tide – a powerful message

Last week I was walking along South Bank London towards Vauxhall Bridge when I came across a wonderful sculptural installation – set on the banks of the River Thames.

Entitled ‘The Rising Tide’, by eco-sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor, the installation features four proud working horses and their riders, which is concealed and revealed by each day’s tide.

This was how it appeared when I came across it at 6.30 p.m. on Friday 25th September.


This is how it appears when nearly submerged.      \When submerged the installation is a strong reminder of the fragility of human beings against the power of Mother Nature.

rising tide 1

The horses have petroleum pumps in place of their heads and the installation consists of four figures – two business men and two small children.      The businessmen represent a position of power, whilst the two children depict future generations who will live with the consequences of greed and over consumption.

I was making my way to one of the tall buildings at the north end of Vauxhall Bridge.


I took this picture from the top floor of that buildingP1170793

I would love to see it as a permanent installation however, I believe it was only there for the month of September.

A Bientôt