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Meeting Stephanie at Hampton Court Palace.

I am fortunate enough to live about ten minutes away from Hampton Court Palace, and so when I have visitors, it’s a great place to visit.

This was the case yesterday, when I met up with Stephanie, an American friend I haven’t seen for 24 years!     As is so often the case it was as if no time had past at all…..

Stephanie with two of the Hampton Court Palace guides.    


It was a glorious day….with evidence of spring everywhere.   Crocus, daffodils and much more blooming all over the place – no wonder everyone is smiling:)

The gardens are open every day of the year and they are a wonderful place to walk in or indeed sit with a book during the early spring and summer days.

This shows a small part of the Palace behind Stephanie, with the unique Tudor chimney stacks.   The long shadows talk of a late early spring afternoon.


Behind the Palace are these sculpted trees and much more….Henry VIII was apparently very impressed with The Palace of Versailles and wanted the gardens at Hampton Court to have a similar feel…..and I think this was achieved.


I will write a separate post one of these days with more of the history surrounding the Palace and the magnificent tapestries that hang in the Great Hall.     

This is a photograph I took of a detail from one of the tapestries. 


A Bientôt