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Turning the corner…..with magical hummingbirds

After a week of flu like symptoms, I can feel that I have turned the corner.    In a couple of days I I should be back to my normal, energetic self……of course with the help of the Magical Hummingbirds:) 


As I said in my  post at the beginning of last week….I have been blessed for much of my life with very good health, and so am acutely aware of the changes that happen both physically and mentally when things are not quite right.


It’s as if my world of colour diminishes.


However, as the corner is turned, the colour becomes brighter and the desire to spread some of that colour around with brush and paint ever stronger…..Yes:)


Most importantly I am reminded of just how fortunate I am.


And to never take good health and all that accompanies it for granted….

Have a day filled with colour and magical hummingbirds.




A Bientôt