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Taking a mini-sabbatical from technology..

Good morning everyone.    I am heading to Portugal very early on Wednesday morning for a workshop, and as is my normal custom, I will take a mini sabbatical from technology.   Much to do today and tomorrow and so am wishing everyone, au revoir….until the Easter break. 

Those who follow my blog will understand that hummingbirds represent to me, the ‘unseen magic’ in our world, and so it’s always a good idea to tap into their energy prior to a new adventure:)



It is my hope to return with lots of new sketches, photographs and ideas….I find that removing myself  from e mails, FB, blogs etc. for a short period is highly beneficial.     


It gives me the mental space to really concentrate and be present.


It also means I return to my technological aids with more gusto and pleasure. 


A Biento