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68 Years Young (2)

My first  solo exhibition at the Chester County Arts Association in December 1976.


My studio on Prescott Alley, West Chester, Pa.

Scan 74

In the studio around 1985……Although I look as if I had everything together, in fact I felt very insecure and full of anxiety, proving to never judge a book by its cover.     Just two years later I was to have an epiphany which was to change my life.


This was taken at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts at the height of my anxiety period.    It just goes show, that photographs don’t always tell the truth.


With my dear friend Carol.


A magic moment in S. Carolina with Jane……friend and surrogate mother.

til August 10 207

With Cynthia McClure Thomassett, after I returned to Wales, Uk


With another dear friend, David Bienkowski when I visited him in California.

This was taken where the Russian River meets the Pacific.


Me with little Ally on my recent trip to Georgia this past October.    Note that Ally is placed strategically to cover double chins:


There are so many more…..this year I will begin to write my autobiography.   having now said it, I must do it.

A bientot

Magical Hummingbirds

From tomorrow, 20th September, my little book Magical Hummingbirds will be available through the products page on my website http//www.janetweightreed.co.uk


Through the illustrations and words, I hope to convey the seen and unseen magic that these tiny flying jewels bring to our world.

Since the mid eighties, when I began my Rock and Nude series,  (see Current Work on my website) I have been producing paintings that speak of the interconnectedness of all life and matter.

In 1990, I started to incorporate hummingbirds into my work.    In this large mural (oil on board) painted for an architect’s building in the United States, I first used the hummingbird as a symbolic image.


In the year 2000, when I began work on the children’s book ‘Cristeve the Cat Finds Her Home’ – I used hummingbird imagery to teach children to trust in the unseen help in our world.

In this image, Cristeve the Cat and the Tiger are guided by a hummingbird. 


In our fast paced, materialistic world we tend to focus on the perceived power of humankind.

The tiny hummingbird with its ability to fly forwards, sideways, backwards, up, down, and hover in mid air,  which are only some of its remarkable attributes, demonstrate to us that we can learn so much more from Mother Nature.

Many ancient peoples believed that hummingbirds were messengers between the worlds, symbolising eternity, continuity and infinity.


In my most recent painting a 5′ x 4′ oil on canvas, I have pulled from all the different elements of my life as an artist, to express once again the interconnectedness of our world.    Note the hummingbirds, and yes the painting is now completed.


On the 26th September, I will fly to Boston for a long weekend with my daughter and then to Atlanta to paint watercolour portraits and enjoy the wedding of a young woman who I have known since birth.    Happy days:)

I will be back here the week beginning Monday 14th October, when I will write my next blog about the trip.

A Bientôt