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The above photograph shows baby strollers left in a Polish railway station for Ukrainian mothers. Mothers who themselves are traumatised carrying their terrified children as they flee the horrors of yet another war!

This poignant line of baby strollers speaks a thousand words. It is all about fellow human beings/mothers/women understanding the plight and suffering that others are experiencing. Polish mothers opening their hearts and souls to Ukrainian mothers and children.

Mother and child – watercolour.

I do believe that if women had the sort of power that Putin and some other world rulers have – there would be fewer wars by far!

As women we have an almost animalistic love and protection mechanism built in so that when we have a child of our own we experience powerful emotions never felt before. If we choose. not to have children of our own we still feel a sense of protection and love towards the children of others. These feelings are built in.

Three of my friends have just become grandmothers…two of them for the first time, and I am feeling as protective towards their grandchildren – almost as if they were my own. This is natural and normal…..

What we see happening in Ukraine – has nothing to do with protection and love…it is all about power and greed.

I painted this large oil on canvas of my friend Mary DuPont and her son Samuel. It epitomises for me the protection and love of a mother for her child.