A walk along Southbank London

Yesterday, I met a friend at Tate Modern….here are some of the photographs I took as I walked from London Waterloo Station along Southbank.

During more recent times, Southbank has become one of London’s playgrounds.   No matter what time of year, there is always much going on….lots of music, dance, theatre, galleries, street food, restaurants, etc.

Even with the awful flooding that we have experienced in the UK, including many areas close to London, yesterday Southbank was buzzing with lots of families, as it is half term.

In this image,  we see one of London’s most important landmarks, St. Paul’s Cathedral, which still rules the skyline, although today we see many new buildings along side it.

One of my strongest child hood memories is being taken up to the Whispering Gallery at the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral and then being terrified trying to get back down again!      This was way before the days of health and safety!   The stairs were winding, narrow and steep…..


Although central London is not flooded, thanks to the London Barrage….which has protected the city valiantly during the last two months,  there were some puddles along the way, which made for excellent photo opportunities.


I always like to take a look at the young people enjoying what has become one of the more famous skate parks in the UK…although now it is under threat of development.   Personally, I think it should be spared….


The River Thames is tidal, hence the greater concern for flooding, especially when we have the kinds of extreme tidal surges experienced recently.    Yesterday, the tide was out…..which brings people onto the beaches, no matter what time of year.


As I turned a corner, I heard music being played….’When the Saints Go Marching in’ and was delighted to see these three musicians entertaining.


I was even more delighted to see this young child using her innate creativity to play drums on a rubbish bin.   Actually it sounded very good.


Then into the Turbine Hall, at Tate Britain.     This is a great space for all sorts of major exhibitions and for children to play in.   I have always loved reflective surfaces, and was not disappointed yesterday.



My friend and I had a bite to eat on the 6th floor of Tate Britain where I took these two photographs of the Centennial Walking Bridge….which connects Southbank to the square mile City of London. 




A Bientôt

6 thoughts on “A walk along Southbank London

  1. Tish Farrell

    Thank you, Janet, for taking me back to the South Bank (I so love the Tate turbine hall). We used to visit this part of London quite often when we lived in Rochester. Now the trek to London from Shropshire is too painful to get ourselves there.

  2. janetweightreed10

    Thanks so much Tish. l think I mentioned to you that I went to the Medway College of Arts, Rochester back in the very early sixties when it was at East Gate – also where Dicken’s Swiss Chalet writing house is in the garden. Happy memories for me.
    It’s very easy for me to get to South Bank as I catch the train direct from Hampton to Waterloo and then it’s all walking, which I love.


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