Shadow play – Art in the Algarve

I am working on paintings inspired by my stay in Alhao, Portugal in April, where I was giving a workshop for Art in the Algarve –

The facilities are excellent, with two lovely courtyards along with a well appointed studio.

I particularly enjoyed observing the shadow play on the walls of the courtyards where a beautiful olive tree added drama to the overall effect.

The following three watercolours emphasise the drama of the shadow play.





Later in the week, I will show how I painted one of these images.

A Bientôt

8 thoughts on “Shadow play – Art in the Algarve

  1. Jeff Marsh

    I think what captivates me, what draws me in is the contradictory interplay of the lines and forms. The complimentary symmetry in the curve of the tree and shrub juxtaposed against the asymmetry of the form of the tree itself. The colours are wonderful…

  2. gini

    I love the connections between reality and not.. shadows. what must they teach us..?? I can only guess.. LIFE is GOOD.. I smile ❤ ❤ Love and Light Janet.. xxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Shadow play constantly reminds me of the interconnectedness of all life…..we tend to only look at the tree, however, there is so much more….Thank you dear Gini and love and light to you this day.:)x

  3. ShimonZ

    Hi there Janet. I got started a little late this morning… and had to do a few chores forst thing in the morning, so I decided to reward myself when I got to the computer… looked at your water colors… clicked on the third one and filled the screen with it… lit a cigarette. I could imagine I was on some balcony with you… somewhere… it was nice. Time went by. The cigarette went up in smoke. Now there’s nothing to say but ‘thanks for a few very good minutes’ and here’s hoping you have a beautiful day. I’m going off for a walk.


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