I love Jack Russells

 Today, I visit one of my favourite Jack Russells, Phoebe.     Phoebe lives with Josie who has known me since I was born.   Josie is 92 years old and still lives in her Grandparent’s house in London!   The house is filled to the rafters with stuff, including numerous clocks, none of which tell the correct time. 

It’s a little like walking through the looking glass:)


I love all animals…especially cats, but after looking after three Jack Russells during the summer of 2007 –  part of my heart was for ever stolen by these amusing and very energetic little characters. 

A quick sketch of Jessie. 


I was house/studio/animal sitting for friends who lived a half an hour outside of Brussells.     When I arrived the family was getting ready to leave for S. Africa and warned me that Jessie, their 13 year old Jack Russell,  was on her last legs.  

I spoiled Jessie in every way I could….and I am glad to say that when the family returned, they thought she looked ten years younger!

Then there were the Pups – Spuggy and Raisin


 Spuggy and Raisin were two year old brother and sister.    They never left my side during my stay and were a constant source of amusement and excellent models.    

The Pups would sleep with me at night….This little sketch shows Spuggy peaking from under the covers.


 Wishing everyone a lovely weekend. 


A Bientôt

9 thoughts on “I love Jack Russells

  1. Suzy Davidson

    I love them too 😉 and I think your JR sketches rival your hummingbirds. Have a good visit with Phoebe x

      1. First Night Design

        Utterly, utterly adorable! I’ve never been so overwhelmed with love for an animal and I was frightened of dogs before that, even though we’d had a Staffy when I was a child.

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