Random Vignettes from my life – as I enter my 50th year as a working artist.

During the past few years, along with painting, I have been writing short random vignettes of some of my life experiences which I plan to share here during the coming year. Ultimately they will be part of my autobiography.

For each vignette I will add one of my paintings….not necessarily connected to the writing…although having said that everything is interconnected.

2022 represents for me 50 years of being a working artist and so a good time to take stock.

I just completed this image of a friend’s beautiful little granddaughter…who I am besotted with:). She represents new beginnings…hope and love.

watercolour/gouache/tombow pen

During the last month or so the iconic painting Christina’s World has come up several times in my life which has prompted me to think back to 1970 when I was 24 years old and had my first encounter with Christina’s World.

A little know fact to most people is that from 1968 til 1971 I was a registered representative on Wall Street working on the block stock trading desk at White, Weld & Co. a very well thought of investment banking firm. As a single mother living and working in New York there was no way I could support my young son through art…and so there I was….in the middle of the financial world.

in 1970 I was dating a man on Wall Street whose good friend happened to own the Coe Kerr Gallery on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We were invited to an opening at the Gallery.

Upon arrival we were taken to a private room on the top floor of the building.

I remember we were sitting on the floor drinking champagne and enjoying interesting conversation when I was told that across the room from me the painting propped against the wall…was the original Christina’s World!

At that point I had never heard of this painting, nor of Andrew Wyeth or Chadds Ford known for its many connections to the Brandywine River Tradition of Art. At that moment in time I had no idea of the paintings significance.

Just a couple of years later I found myself living in the West Chester/Chadds Ford area – close to the then newly renovated Brandywine River Museum which opened in 1971 – one year after my first encounter with Christina’s World which is now housed at MoMA in New York.

Along with other interesting connections which have just arisen….my daughter gave me the book ‘A Piece of the World’ – by Christina Baker Kline. I began reading yesterday and I can’t put it down….and yes it’s all about Christina’s World.

May you enjoy peace and creativity during the coming year.:)

27 thoughts on “Random Vignettes from my life – as I enter my 50th year as a working artist.

  1. Joe McDonald

    What a beautiful journey my friend:) I just went this weekend Brandywine River Museum to take my grandchildren to see the train exhibit we had a blast!!! Joey III is 3 and Fiona is 7 ❤️ Happy New Years and I must say your still looking beautiful!!!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      I must say it was a shock to my system. I had been in art school prior to having my son….and after I left Wall Street in 1971 – I never looked back – however I learned a great deal from that experience.

  2. Laura Bloomsbury

    a marvellous bio idea – especially that you are not making painting and prose exactly reflect but rather tangentially connect.
    p.s. the Wyeth painting is immensely evocative – lucky you to see it in the flesh as it were. And what a different thread then to the life you have now. May your 50s bring you even more creativity

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you very much Laura. I am actually 76 – it is my 50th anniversary as a working artist….how that happened I have no idea:). May your new year be filled with a rich flow of creativity.

  3. inavukic

    Happy and Joyous New Year Janet and I look forward to reading your vignettes, snippets of your life to which I can relate so well. I loved the seventies as a young woman trotting the globe for life pursuits including a sting of six month studying Social Psychology at Columbia Uni NY in 1973. Still with me, every moment.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning and thank you for this comment. I am quite sure we have a lot in common and weren’t we fortunate to be able to enjoy this period of history. I was born in London and spent my first 20 years in Europe…and so I will be back and forth from Europe to USA….May you experience a new year filled with peace and joy. Janet 🙂

  4. Jet Eliot

    I like your idea of the vignettes, Janet, and found this one truly interesting. The images you present in words are delightful–Christina’s World original propped against the wall, sitting on the upstairs floor of a gallery with friends, the Wall Street world you were a part of. I especially like how you captured your youth and the things you didn’t know. And the painting of your friend’s granddaughter–the lines, colors, shadows, and the look of peace on her face–is exquisite. Congratulations on your new project, how exciting.

  5. snowbird

    Congratulations on 50 years! Goodness, you never fail to surprise me! What an interesting life you have had. That painting is simply stunning and delightful! Love and hugs.xxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      When I realised that this year is my fiftieth year as a working artist, it even surprised me! As you will be aware it hasn’t always been easy, far from it, but it has been so fulfilling and continues to be. Time is such an illusion. On the one hand it feels like yesterday that I began this journey and on the other it feels like it’s been for ever:) Thinking of. you and all the furies…XXXX


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